Couturier Annagemma Lascari

Annagemma Lascari is in Italy one of the few designers expert of haute couture and luxury creations. Creative Director and Haute Couture Consultant versatile and dreamer, Annagemma collaborated with Maison such as Ferrè, Dior and Capucci and since 1993 she’s been handling bridal couture and sartorial research in her studio for the “Unique Dress”, Atelier Lascari, located in the stylish Milan Isola district, where she realizes couture dresses for celebs and glamorous brides
As she also perfectly knows approaches, methods and timing connected to the development of haute couture collections and made to order creations, Annagemma is used to lead the whole process of the dresses realization, from the concept to the development up to the fitting with VIP clients and celebrities, by coordinating style department and tecnical staffs.
As an Haute Couture Consultant, Annagemma collaborated with Acne Studios in the creation of the Nobel dress for HRH Princesse Victoria of Sweden and she’s been director of the Maison Schiaparelli relaunch project, working in close contact with Christian Lacroix.
Expert of style and trends she’s been contributor for prestigious fashion magazines of the bridal sector, including Vogue Sposa and Style.it
Involved in the education of young talents in the fashion field either from creative and managerial point of views, Annagemma directed the Fashion Management department at Domus Academy also developing the Master Courses in Fashion Management and Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandisign and recently she designed and directed the Master Course in Haute Couture in collaboration with Valentino for the Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome.

Il brand


The Annagemma Milano brand is born from an original idea by Annagemma Lascari, designer and creative director of Atelier Lascari, with the purpose to establish a new, plural way to conceive the bridal couture.
An innovative project in order to mirror and respect the diversity of women’s dreams about wedding dresses.
Annagemma MilanoUnexpected Bride“, the 2020 bridal collection, connoted by a microcosm of evocative woman’s names some dedicated to leading female figures in the field of liberal and fine arts, doesn’t consist of mere bridal dresses but – exactly as it is for the collections in fashion – of complete bridal looks, each of them different for mood and style and emphasized or broken-up by super-refined parterre of haute couture accessories, among which the brides can choose their favorites.
Because all women dream of fashion dresses for the wedding day, not always meringue dresses, but definitely dream dresses…maybe unexpected.

Lo stile


The notion “Avant-garde” is dearly beloved by Annagemma Lascari because it is part of her cultural and professional background made of great passion for the innovative experimentations of the BAUHAUS movement, for the eclectic and genial vision of Elsa Schiaparelli and, in general, for all those restless and inspired creative spirits who nourished her imagination and her profession of couturier.
The Annagemma Milano “unexpected bride” bridal collection 2020, develops and introduces hints unprecedented for the bridal world, which are inspired by the kind of creativity closest to the haute couture environment Annagemma Lascari has assimilated either from the profession of couturier and art director of her studio for the “unique dress” Atelier Lascari and from prestigious Maisons such as Schiaparelli.
Design and technical solutions shape a new stylistic language of the bridal dress: invisible microplates, ultra-lightweight crinoline, cuts, bias, zips that dominate or unexpectedly emphasize material and shapes; micro-studs, small or big boules, all unusual materials for the bridal style, awaken and renovate sense and style of the super classic bridal fabrics such as tulle, cady, organza and voile. So in this “unexpected bridecollection you can find three-dimensional “point d’esprit” tulle, opalescent macro-boules adorning the cady and finally unexpected micro laser-cuts that enliven the “sacred triad” bridal fabrics: organza, voile and mikado.