Thea, a woman who stands out from the (brides) crowd, without hiding anything of her plastic, radiant beauty: a goddess “by style’s right”. Being unlined and light Thea is a bridal dress plain in its minimalistic brightness, but formal at the same time and consistent with a adult self-confident female image, well aware of her seductive power.
An “assertive” bridal gown, but unexpectedly light and allusive thanks to a pair of deft “tricks” in the dress design that dismantle its formal core.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Thea
Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Thea

First of all, the classic bridal mikado stands out for the original pinholes laser-cut working, so that the “unexpected ornament” leitmotif characterizing the Annagemma bridal collection looks, if elsewhere is the three-dimensional addition with studs or boules, here is obtained by subtraction; the body itself becomes ornament, as the skin that shines through the littlest pinholes lends the dress a natural, radiant and sensual ornament. The second trick exhaltating the look sensuality lies in the dress structure; the set of vertical cuts that collect under the hipbone highlights elegantly but unmistakably the backside.
Well-structured, minimal and light Thea is suitable for formal marriage, either by the sea and in the city and therefore it doesn’t need special accessories, but if you want, just a little frilly bolero jacket to cover shoulders for formal weddings and single huge beautiful camelia made in the same dress laser-cut mikado.