As the unforgettable interpreter of Truffaut’s “Jules et Jim” movie, the new bridal look Jeanne embodies a powerful and maverick feminine character, alluring beyond any standard beauty. And so it’s the Jeanne’s wedding look: free from vestments constraints, it expresses the conscious and joyous liberty of the female seduction power.
Sensually boyish and deconstructed, Jeanne is a mix look consisting of two pieces: a pair of ample and low waist trousers – a positive style point break in the bridal scene – in soft cady crepe stretch and a top made of two ethereal and charming rectangles in silk voile that can be joined through thin satin laces.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Jeanne

The look can be constantly reivented, according to the personal attitude or the event mood, because the top is decomposable: you can use the voile rectangles to create outfits always different: pure, exquisite two-piece top languidly laid down on the waistline, or superlight sleeves to cover just the arms as a smart cheecky corsair blouse, or even supersexy mono top which leaves naked the back ready for a killer evening wedding party.
The look mood changes by choosing the different linked accessories: a pair of fresh and tender organdy hydrangeas sweetens Jeanne, whereas the boyish, easy, “Fedora” in parasisal straw will transform you into an intriguing Nouvelle Vague movie star.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Jeanne
Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Jeanne