The look 11 is dedicated to Gae Aulenti, one of the most important protagonist of design and architecture and thus a hert-felt tribute to all the women designers and to the most authentic femininity. This bridal dress from Annagemma bridal collection 2018 is just apparently linear, indeed it displays a lot of possible variations thanks to the shape transformation potential: many possible combinations, all simple and perfectly functional. A careful project aimed at creating a bridal look effortless but extremely conceptual and sophisticated at the same time.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Gae
Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Gae

Originated from the union of two rectangles in a cady crepe softly stretch, Gae has been nicknamed “flag dress”, because, like a flag in the wind, it changes continuously while remaining faithful to its original shape. Without pinces, seams and cuts, the dress can be worn anytime in different way with plently freedom of choice. Gae has just four invisible zip that strategically enhance and emphasize the body silhouette and it stands alone without any decoration or accessory. That’s all, because power, uniqueness, timeless elegance can arise from a simple geometric shape.