Fleur…by name, Fleur by nature, because the look nr 7 appears precisely as a radiant ethernal spring in bloom, that suavely caresses and wraps up the body. Starting from the main fabric, any single look’s detail is aimed at expressing a design consistency focused on the exaltation of the pure poetic femininity.
As a matter of fact, the bridal dress Fleur is a breath of tulle cloud, made as it is of weightless falls delicate French tulle embroidered with little baskets brimful of minute gentle wild flowers.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Fleur
Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Fleur

Undeniably and deeply feminine the wide and featherlight skirt that fluctuates just over the ankle, the charming minimal top almost ballerina-inspired and finally the little tippet made of the same embroidery French tulle closed by a big bow on the front that gives this glam look a consciously graceful aura. Because women who decide for Fleur as a wedding dress, choose, regardless of age, to shine openly in their absolute, everlasting romanticism.
It completes the bridal look Fleur a little belt and a sprig of small delicate flowers to hang up the dress as a single accessory, both of the same French embroidered tulle.