Eva, the First Woman. Seductive and charming, Eva is bridal dress and self-sufficient bridal look at the same time. None accessoy is needed because there’s no need of any other decoration, but its sinuous magnetic silhouette.
Dress conceived in two specular sections made of adherent stretch cady crepe that wrap clingy the body and join together through two simple zips, that are nevertheless the fulcrum of this bridal gown.
Both on the dress front, long, sinuous, central, these zips open and close in opposite directions, shaping deftly the seduction game; they can leave completely exposed the body or just micro or macro portions, according to the mood, the situation, the event.
Very conceptual look resulting the opposite of abstraction: a purely erotic dress, without ornaments to alter its crystalline sensuality. One and only ornamental concession, but exclusively fuctional to emphasize the dress’s sensual spirit: two long lush cady crepe frills skim the zips and stroke the backbone like crests. Absolute, primordial love call, which is impossible to resist.
Women who choose Eva as a wedding dress are conscious, relaxed,sirens who charms, always with pure grace and elegance. Because Eve is erotic evidence elegantly presented and therefore compatible either with civil and religious, but always very fashionable, weddings.

LOOK #14 EVALook Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Eva