ELSA, the 21st closing look of this unique bridal couture collection looks that project the bridal world in the next future, is emotionated homage to Elsa Schiaparelli, great free-spirited woman manifesting such avant-gardist fashion ideas and creations, to be still nowadays contemporary.
Years before becoming director of the Maison Schiaparelli relaunch project at the nr 21 of Place Vendome in Paris, a young Annagemma Lascari has been strongly influencing by the Elsa Schiaparelli vision, particularly about what fashion designers are call to do. Now as then Annagemma’s answer is: what it is not to be yet, but it needs to be now, because someone, somewhere already needs it to be.
Therefore Elsa, the bridal look nr 21 of the Annagemma “Unexpected Bride” collection is tribute to one of the greatest invention by Schiap (Schiaparelli’s nickname in Paris): the fashion colour par excellence, namely the “Shocking Pink”.

Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Elsa
Look Sposa 2018 | ANNAGEMMA MILANO | Elsa

Elsa Schiaparelli has litterally shocked the delicate colour always been connoting the female character, by transforming the sweet, needy, frail, pink, in a strong, bold concentrate of pure, explosive, feminine power. Genial rebellious challenge to the ruling chromatic convention.
Thus, here’s our look no 21 “Unexpected Bride” Elsa: an incandescent, pulsating fuxia color that literally detonates the shape of the dress and enters and persists in the eyes, open or closed, exalted by embroidery cheeky spirals. For extremely vital women and girls who are not afraid to be unforgettable, fearing nothing but Nothing.